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A lot of people say I laugh too much, but I have no idea how that could ever be taken as a bad thing.

I just really, really, really love my life. So, this is me preaching why happiness is so important in our lives.

Every single one of us was made for a purpose. There are so many people on this earth that have so many more struggles than we do- poverty, famine, injustice, homelessness, human trafficking, diseased, and so many others- and we must be grateful. The moment you wake up, thank God. Thank Him for waking you up. Thank Him for everything you have. Ask Him to walk with you throughout the day and be happy. 

We have so many beautiful things to be happy about and thankful for. We have been given so much and being happy will set the stage for a beautiful life. When we smile, others see that, and we can change other’s happiness with our own.

There is always a reason to smile. There is always something funny to be said or that has been said. The earth is gorgeous, so that is awesome. We are surrounded by life changing people, how cool is that? And, we live in the United States of America; what a blessing.

The more times you focus on the good stuff, the more good stuff you will find. There are so many reasons to smile, you guys!! I know, bad days are a thing. Sometimes you just don’t want to be out of your bed. Sometimes you feel discouraged. Sometimes life just happens. I am telling you, this happens to everyone. God is not against you, He is 100% for you. And, if He is for you, who can be against you?

Nobody. Especially yourself.

Take time out of your day to smile. Take a couple seconds to talk to God and thank Him for all that He has done for you. If you are having a bad day, realize that it is one bad day, not a bad life. Your attitude is up to you and only you. What fun is it to be walking around each and every day hating the world and not wanting to be living the life you’re living and want to be doing something else but doing nothing about that desire? It isn’t fun. So do something about it. Make yourself happy. Do something good for yourself. Talk to people who will make you smile and laugh and cry tears of joy. Also eat warm brownies because that will inevitably make you happy. Trust me on this one, I’m an avid brownie consumer. 

Whatever makes you happy, please do it. It is so much fun to be happy. It is so much fun to laugh. It is SO MUCH FUN to be in love with the life God has blessed you with.

Bring people up, encourage them, tell the dumb jokes, let others know how much they are loved, don’t give up, do whatever it takes to make the world a better place. Throw kindness around like confetti.

Here’s a few reasons to be happy:

1- You’re alive

2- You’re a beautiful human being

3- You are loved

4- You were made in the image of God (does it actually get any cooler than that????)

5- He has a plan for your life

6- You have clean water to drink, and an abundance of it

7- Your (future) husband/wife thinks about you all the time and how excited he is to have you

8- Music is a thing

9- There’s millions of places to see around the world

10- You’re really good at something, like, better than anyone

11- You have a doppleganger somewhere on this crazy earth

12- You have a home with a roof and you are safe

13- You obviously have a phone or computer

14- You have that one perfect outfit that makes you look like a 10 (even though you already are)

15- You can stand up for what you believe in

16- A little puppy was just rescued a second ago

17- You have an angel watching over you

18- Jesus died on the cross for you, because that’s how worth it you are

19- Someone believes in you and supports you

20- Laugh attacks are awesome

21- You can pick whatever you want to do with your life

22- Ice cream, warm brownies, chocolate, candy; enough said

23- Hugs and kisses

24- Finding Dory is coming out

25- The rain makes a cool noise on the roof and dance parties in the rain are the bomb

26- You’re healthy

27- You aren’t to be compared to others, you are only to be compared to yourself.

28- You make someone extremely happy

29- You matter SO MUCH and this world wouldn’t be the same without you

30- Taylor Swift

31- Waking up next to someone you love, or anticipating the day you do

32- Heating/ Air Conditioning

33-  Oceans and mountains are breathtaking

34- Roadtrips

35- That one experience that changed your whole life

36- Your passion

37- Today only happens once, so you obviously have to do something really cool

38- You are exactly where you need to be in this moment

39- Coffee/Tea

40- Good books and great movies

41- You get to vote and help make important decisions

42- You can change the future

43- Accents and foreigners

44- Your family has your back

45- People kick cancer in the butt, so that’s awesome

46- Happiness is contagious

47- You are good enough

48- Being happy is SO ATTRACTIVE

49- God made you to be happy and to love others

50- God

Find a reason to smile today. Laugh a lot. Enjoy life and be genuinely happy, it is so much more fun, my friends.

Being unhappy is a complete waste of time and nobody wants to hang out with unhappy people, I pinky promise you.

You are blessed.

Be the one to laugh too much, not the one who doesn’t smile back.

Love always,

Mads ❤

Be happy!!!  You have a right to choose good things for yourself.  YOU are VALUABLE.:

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Success, Fate, Happiness
+ Some Exciting News


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