To the High-Schoolers

These humans will forever be some of my best friends.
These humans are some of the people that shaped me into who I am today.
This is St. Joseph Christian’s entire graduating class of 2015, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way with any other humans.

I know, you’re tired of school. I know that you’re drowning in homework. I know that you are trying to balance sports with school and sleep and friends. I know the dating scene in high school, the drama, the breakups, the little things. I know what you are experiencing. But, guess what?

It is one of the best experiences you will ever have if you simply live in the moment and enjoy it. High school is the last time, most likely, that you will be lacking adult responsibilities. It is the last time you will be around some of the people you have grown up with. It is the last time you will have your mom going with you to doctor and dentist appointments. It is the last time you will have good, actual, non-cafeteria food every night of the week.

So, here I am, telling you why and how to love high school, even if you think it is dumb and pointless and miserable(but it really isn’t).

During these four years, you are surrounded by people who all have different stories. My advice to you is to get to know them and form relationships. Listen to their story, see what they have been through. Form a friendship with everyone, don’t do the whole “clique” thing. Be friends with everyone and do not hate. Also, do not wait until senior year to realize, “Oh, I probably won’t ever see these people ever again after graduation. Guess I can be friends with them now.” Realize the first day of freshman year. Or, if you are like me and went from first grade to graduation with the same people, be grateful for them from day one.

*Side note: when you get to college, you realize that all of the drama in high school was absolutely ridiculous. So, why is it even necessary to have in the first place? It isn’t. Forgive and forget, people. I promise you that it is not that hard. Do not gossip, do not start rumors, and do not continue the drama. It will not matter whatsoever in the long run, I am telling you. Be the bigger person and stick up for your friends.

These people will mold and form you more than you realize. They will help you, support you, congratulate you, be by your side, and love you. They will be the ones that you will form so many awesome, hilarious memories with. These are the people that prepared you for the real world, all while you were doing the same for them. Be a good friend to everyone, and they will be a good friend to you.

Let me tell you, brothers and sisters, there is nothing I miss more from high school than my class. Those were the people that I spent each and every day with, forming my ideas and values, creating bonds that would last forever, laughing at our dumb jokes and inappropriate comments, getting help with homework and life in general, falling in love, and, these are the friends that turned into family.

Senior trip was- I can easily say- one of the best weeks of my life. We laughed together, got to know each other even more, stayed up late playing the strangest games of my life, fellowshipped, prayed, and shared some of the best moments of our lives(like riding dolphins and going scuba diving and having the entire Seaworld park to ourselves to play hide and go seek). This is when it kicked in that in a few months, we will be separating and going to different places, not having the same classes and not wearing uniform together each and every day. I don’t know how else to say it, but the eleven other beautiful people in my class are some of the people that will forever hold a place in my heart.

Hang out with every single one of them from the beginning, do not wait until second semester of senior year. It will benefit your life, happiness, and walk with God in such a positive way.

Secondly, do your homework. It will matter your senior year. It will matter when you are applying for scholarships and colleges and jobs. Your transcript is there for a reason, even if you think that the English class that you are taking because you “have to” isn’t important or necessary. There are no excuses for not doing your work. Also, if you need help, get some! Teachers are there to help you. They are not there to destroy your grades and brains. They do not truly mean to make you suffer through the entire semester of a class. They want you to succeed, that is why they are teachers. Reach out and ask for help.

So, please, do not slack off just because you’re tired or have too much to do or absolutely have to play the video game; do your work.

Next, get involved. Run for class senate, get on prom committee, play sports, be apart of the school’s youth group, and go to the dances. This will challenge you and gives you opportunities that you may not otherwise have. It will build your confidence and strengthen skills that you did not once have strength in. For me, becoming president of the class gave me leadership abilities that I can now apply to my life today, and it definitely helped me with organization skills. And, hey! It’ll look great on applications, people!

But, seriously, get  involved in something at school. Don’t just go to school because you have to be there, be there because you want to better your education, social life, and skills for your future. Involvement will open your eyes to much more than you can imagine!

Listen, you do not need to be in a relationship. High school is to find yourself, to further education, and to shape your identity and self and ideas. It is to gain maturity and it will help you realize what you want in your future spouse. Do not just date to date, because I can personally say that being immature and being in a relationship is unnecessary. The fact that you are a junior in high school and you haven’t had your first kiss does not make you any less cool or beautiful. Date when you are ready. Find yourself, be entirely committed to Jesus Christ, evaluate your values, gain maturity, and then give it a shot.

Logan and I dated our sophomore year, and after five months I realized that I was immature, I wasn’t completely sure of myself and my ideas, and my relationship with God needed strengthened before I was trying to strengthen a relationship with a boy. LOOK AT US NOW; mature, strong, and absolutely in love with one another. Be patient!

This next point is very important, friends. You do not need to know what you want to do as a career, you do not need to have your future perfectly planned out, and you do not need to stress over college. In high school, just think of  a few ideas and find the school that makes you feel completely comfortable and at home, a place that you would love to start a new chapter of your life at. When you get to college, it is perfectly okay to not have a major. It is perfectly okay to completely change your major a year into school. It is not a big deal to not know where you want to work, in what city you want to live in, and what you want to be doing. Yes, eventually you will need to figure this out, probably sophomore or junior year of college. Freshman year is an introduction. It gives you the chance to find yourself. This is when you find who you want to be friends with, what sorority or fraternity you will call home, and what activities you want to be involved in. This is when you try different classes, maybe a few in the major that you are planning to be in.

My first semester, I was an International Studies and Spanish major. My goal is to start an international adoption agency and do lots and lots of missions work. But, a few days into International Studies, I realized that it was not my thing. I want to now be a writer and missionary while working at an adoption agency. So, here I am walking around campus my second semester, as an undeclared major and trying to find what is right for me. And, I am perfectly okay with that.


Graduation is an extremely rewarding feeling, but, it kind of hurts. It is closing a door to something that you just invested four years of your life into. Yes, it is over. You don’t have to be in class at 8:00 anymore, doing math even though you don’t understand any of it. But, enjoy high school while you are there. Enjoy the people, the teachers, the classes, the living at home, and the busy schedules. Enjoy the Friday night lights and senior nights full of tears, because these are some of the things you will never again be able to experience as a student. Form relationships. 

To close, I am telling you that most importantly, please have fun. Please make the most of the experience. Please make new friends and take the opportunities that are available to you. High school happens once, it will not go on forever. Every single year goes by faster and faster, seriously! In the end, you will miss it, I pinky promise you.

In fact, I am missing these fools right now- which is why I wrote this.

Love always,
Mads ❤

P.S; SJC 2015, thank you for being the best. There are so many things to say thank you for. Love you all quite literally to the moon and back.


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