Love Always

This is my grandma’s actual writing from the last card she gave me before she passed away,  and this is also the reason this blog exists.

Hello, friends! I hope you all had  a great Valentine’s Day and loved the heck out of the people around you. How about we love as much as we did yesterday, everyday? Of course, we have these holidays dedicated to thankfulness, to red white & blue, to Jesus’ resurrection, and to love, but, why can’t we continue to have the passion and zest for all of these celebrations daily?

It’s like the “missionary high” or “church camp high.” When we come back from a third world country on a mission trip or from the youth camp right outside of town, we are on the Jesus high. We focus on our faith right when we come home and try to apply what we have learned to our lives. Suddenly we think we could start a church and orphanage in every single third world country and just ditch college and never have to study again and we search the internet for all these new places to go and ideas and then… We go back to normal.

We get back into the norm, falling into the world and it’s ideas. Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone went to church camp, came back, and never went back to the way they were before? Sure, it changes lives and can work serious miracles and make so many humans new in Christ (!!!! Church camp is a blessing, do not get me wrong!!!!), but we always fall back into some of our normal traps that we see and experience around us. That is human.

Strive to keep the Jesus high forever.

What I am saying is this: why can’t we make everyday Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Easter, or Christmas? These are some of our favorite times of the year. These are the days spent with family and loved ones. These are many of the days that we share the most love and happiness, all because of Jesus Christ.

There should not be a single day of the year that we express our love and affection for others. There should not be a single day of the year that we send someone a “thankful for you” text or post a picture on Instagram with some of the things we are thankful for. There should not be a single day of the year that we think about how cool it is that Jesus rose from the dead. These things should occur and be celebrated every single day.

God loves us so, so much each and every day. His love is so great that our minds will never be able to comprehend it, we can solely experience it. What a blessing! He says that above all things, we must love. On Valentine’s Day yesterday, we were sweet, thankful, and so happy with our other half or whoever we were surrounded by. Today, we should be the same. Abide in Him and you will love with a love that you would never be able to love with without Him in you(that was a mouthful, sorry.).

“So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him.”

-1 John 4:16

Loving is making God evident in your life, and that is one of the coolest things ever.

There is not a time limit on love. There will not be a day when the Angel Gabriel comes down to you and says “So sorry, you’ve loved too much in your life. We’re taking it away.” It’s just not going to happen. Show love today and tomorrow and all of the days to come. Loving others will make you happier, it will make you such a great, supportive friend. It will bring you closer to Jesus. It will stop you from judging. It will simply make you a better human. God is the ultimate example of loving always, and we should learn from the perfect example that He sets.

“Then they remembered His words.”

-Luke 24:8

Remember His words. Remember the commandments that He gives us. Remember the love that He gives us. Remember the desire that God has to have a relationship with us. Remember His forgiveness, thankfulness and blessings that He gives all of us. He loves us so much and He’ll never stop, my brothers and sisters.

Treat every day like Valentine’s Day. When you wake up in the morning each day, spend time with Jesus and ask Him to help you love today. He is dying to help you and to spend time with you, I pinky promise. Holidays should be everyday, don’t save it up for one day and forget about it the other 364 days this year.

Be thankful always. Be in awe of God and His miracles always. Celebrate Jesus always. Love always.

Love always,

Mads ❤


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