Oh but darling, you are so loved.


This is to the girls who have been loved, yet have had their heart broken. To the girls who think they will never find the one who is right for them. And to the girls who need to believe in themselves.

I will say that I am not writing this from experience, but I am writing from the outside in. I have seen heartbreak happen to the dearest of friends, and it breaks my heart nearly as much as it breaks theirs.

When you are young and you fall in love, you suddenly think that he is your forever. Although, sometimes The Lord has other plans. Crazy, right??? ( ūüôā ) I am writing this in hopes that you will fall in love with The Lord and yourself again, and trust His plan for you and the awesome, perfect man who has all of the qualities you have been waiting for. And, I’m telling you this, He will exceed your expectations.

The words “I love you” have more power than we wish to admit. Yet, sometimes the “I love you”‘s come to an end. The one that you once thought was your everything suddenly became nothing. It isn’t fun, I understand, and I hate seeing it happen¬†so¬†much.¬†The one who used to make you laugh constantly, the one you made you happier than you’ve ever been, the one who you spent your weekends with and the one who knew every single thing about your life; is gone.

It is quite honestly like you are half of a person for a while, because they were your other half for such a long while.

See, there is this problem that sometimes, people come into your life, and you get so attached so quickly that you love them with everything you have. It’s a fairytale. But when this fairytale ends, what do you do?

It hurts, I know it hurts. But everything happens for a reason, and as much as you despise that phrase in the moment and cannot find a single reason why that would have a good reason to happen, you will someday find why it happened.

I am telling you, no matter what has been said to your face or through a text in the midst of a heartbreak, you are so loved. 

This human was in your life for a reason, and your future will be thankful for them. They taught you lessons and made you happy, and they gave their time and efforts to you. You were loved, and so many people doubt that once it comes to an end. Please, please, please do not doubt that you were loved.

You have qualities that nobody else has, you and special, and you a daughter of God who cannot be moved by the world. You are so, dearly loved in the eyes of God and to so many other people.

Whoever has left you, deserves a thank you. They also deserve a slap in the face, because they have no idea what they’re missing out on today. But more importantly, a thank you. They left an impact on you and you learned lessons that you could not learn anywhere else. They made you stronger and they have now made you realize that you do not need someone else, except Jesus, to complete you.

This life is a journey and you need to make the most of it. You cannot be hung up on a heartbreak that you forget to focus on what really matters: Jesus, family, friends, and your passion. Simply because one person left your life, does not mean that you are any less beautiful than you were with them.

Love yourself. Have confidence. Be patient, do not settle for someone of something that you do not want simply for earthly desires or just to “have someone.” Give it to God,¬†do not worry.¬†He has such a perfect plan that no matter how many heartbreaks you have experienced in the end, they will not matter. You will find him, God will lead him to you and you will be so thankful that you did not settle or end up for the one who once broke your heart.

Someday, he will come. He will make you the happiest you have ever been. He will give you everything you need. He will love you for who you are, and you will not have to change a thing about yourself to please him. He will not point out your flaws, because you have none. He will be your accountability partner, and through him you will become stronger and even closer to the Lord, together. He will support you in everything. With him you will adventure, have fun, and make each other so, genuinely happy. You will be with him during some of the most important moments of your life. It will be him that you will walk down the aisle to, looking stunning, making tears come to his eyes, and take his last name. Then suddenly, the heartbreaks will no longer matter. This will be him. 

Keep the smile on your face, and make sure that the man who loved you first (AKA God) will forever be your first love. I pinky promise you, darling, you are so loved.

Love always,

Mads ‚̧






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