Dear Grace

My best friend,  first homie, temporary boyfriend, favorite neighbor, adventure pal, and other half, and everything in between; AKA Grace Thompson.

This is a true best friend. Someone who I can count on daily. A human that will never leave my side. A girl that will not forget about me or ditch me over a boy. The one that I have had the opportunity and honor to grow up with since I was five years old.  After many hours of thanking God for her and spending countless hours, nights, and weeks with her; I have realized what makes someone your best friend.. The one that you don’t date.

A best friend is someone who loves you always. Someone who becomes apart of your family. Someone who says exactly what you need. Someone who never fails you. Someone who will do anything for you. Someone who makes you laugh no matter what. Someone who you cannot imagine your life without. Someone who you don’t get bored with. Someone who doesn’t make silences awkward, but does make a lot of situations awkward. Someone who gives you all that you need. Someone that builds you up, supports you, and is so proud of you. And, of course, someone who you have made countless secret handshakes with.

This someone for me is Grace. When I was in kindergarten, her grandma, who is my neighbor, had me come outside and meet her granddaughter. Our friendship began in the front yard, picking ladybugs off of a tree, shoving them in a mason jar, and then fighting over who got to keep them.

She lived in Overland Park, but when I was in sixth grade, she moved to St. Joe. And, guess what.. She moved in 5 doors down. 🙂 And that, my friends, was the start of a friendship that I can never, ever imagine my life without.

We’re a package. We have been through absolutely everything together. We have had more sleepovers than anyone in the world. We are so grateful for one another that it makes our entire friendship even more of a blessing.

I realized how awesome this human was a long time ago, but especially last month. As we were texting about how excited we were for Christmas, we talked about what we were getting each other. Ya know, for as well as two people know each other, we had no idea what to get each other. Grace responded to my “What do you even want for Christmas?” with  “Honestly it sounds cheesy but your friendship is all I need and I’m serious.”

Um. What? How lucky does a girl get to get that response?? Lemme tell you, I am so lucky to have this kind of person to have by my side.  So, I have learned through Grace, the past 13 years, what truly makes a best friend, a best friend.

A while back, we all had best friends that you would spend your weekends with, who you would go to basketball practice with, and who you would call on their home phone to see what’s up and if they wanted to have a sleepover next weekend. Unfortunately, college comes, boyfriends/girlfriends take over lives, people change, whatever. Suddenly the person that you thought would be by your side forever isn’t actually there. It just… happens.

But, your best friend is the one that stayed. The one that has watched you become who you are. The one that keeps you going. The one that you don’t have to see every single day, yet pick up right where you left off, no matter how much time you spent apart. The one that simply understands you. These are the ones that mean it when they have called you their best friend for years. These are the ones that will do anything to keep you around, Thank God.

I’ve made so many mistakes and gotten mad about the little things. To be real, I used to get very mad at Grace for using my body spray and perfume from Claire’s. With us, though, it’s like our entire relationship has been full of positives. There has never been a time where I want to be done with her or not be around her. It has been such a fun ride finding the one that would do anything for me and will always here for me no matter what happens.


Dear, best friend,

Thank you for being genuine. You are the definition of a true friend. Thank you for accepting me as I am. There has never been a time where you tried to change me, and I am so grateful for that. Thank you for letting me trust you with everything I have. The things we know about each other can be insane, but you’re over it and my secret is safe with you.

Thank you for supporting me. You let me go out and live my dreams, and amidst the change of moving away from each other, you challenge me and dare me to keep going and reach my goals. Your support means more than anything. Thank you for making me laugh so hard. The tears that I have shed with you are nearly all from laughter, and you know how to make that happen more than anyone else.

Thank you for listening to my useless and dramatic crap. Honestly, I’m sorry for all of the things I have said to you in the midst of the rants, madness, tears, and bad moods. But, thanks for agreeing with everything I say and simply going with it. Thank you for eating double our weigh in ice cream and pizza with me. Seriously, that’s fun and I couldn’t do it without you… You take the guilt and calories out of it.

Thanks for the sarcastic comments that actually are funny. You make me laugh, even if you are being annoying. Thanks for traveling with me. From road trips, to joining family vacations, you make it so much better. Thank you for being the sister I never had. I actually wasn’t an only child, because you are apart of my family; mom and dad would agree.

Thank you for depending on me and letting me depend on you. I wouldn’t be where I am without you. Thank you for sticking up for me when I couldn’t stand up for myself. You have taught me how to be heard, and how to shock everyone with what I say. Thank you for being excessively immature with me. From wearing knee high socks at the mall when our mom dropped us off, to galloping through Target or HyVee.

Thank you for loving me. You were my first love. The first human, other than God, mommy and daddy, that I truly loved. You will forever and always be my other half. No matter where I am, you are there too. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me.

Thank you for being my best friend, I love you to the moon and back.

Dear Grace,

I cannot thank you enough for staying. You will forever be mine and hold the biggest piece of my heart no matter where the world takes us. Because, I pinky promise you, the world has some huge plans for you. I cannot wait to see where God takes you and how He uses you, pretty girl. Your friendship is all that I’ll ever need.

Love always,

Mads ❤


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