Thankful beyond words


Happy Thanksgiving, friends! Fat pants are on and  there are so, so many things I am beyond thankful for!

My family

They support and love me in every single way possible and there is absolutely no way I would be where I am without them.


They’re superheroes, I told you.

St. Joseph Christian School

SJCS formed me. This place gave me friendships to last a lifetime and most importantly laid the foundation for my faith to be built upon.

Baker University

The first university in Kansas in which I now call home, opening opportunities and making new friendships daily.


My little escape, from Maroon Five to Taylor Swift to Anthem Lights and Pentatonix.


Hahaha where do I begin? The opportunities and memories that volleyball have given me have changed me life. I truly cannot put into words my love for this game, no matter how cheesy that may sound.

Highlands Performance

My second home, and where I met some of my dearest friends. Highlands is what gave me my obsession and love for volleyball. And also took away my sleep, homework time, and weekends.. Worth it.


New places. New experiences. New languages. New surroundings. New everything. Adventures are my sorta thing.


Who isn’t thankful for a little embrace every now and then??

Freedom and those who fight for it

Land of the free and home of the brave. Blessed beyond belief to live where we do and have our heroes in combat boots risking their lives for us.




Memories! Pictures are my favorite things in the whole wide world.


To the men and women that spend their days educating us for our success and our future, and put up with the talking, laughter, and occasional jokes that need not be said.


To the ones who have supported me, formed me, and made me laugh more than anyone; y’all rock.


Room 111, thanks for keeping me sane, having constant sing-a-longs, making me laugh 99% of the time, listening to my rants from wifi to homework, and being the best roommates a girl could ever, ever, ever ask for.

Logan Morrrison

I’m not even going to get into this because this man came in and transformed my life and strengthened my faith and there is nothing I am more grateful for.

Grace Thompson

My girl. My other half. My best friend. The one that made every single day an adventure and the one that continues to force me into a laugh attack/ anxiety attack daily. My #1 homie, you’re stuck in my life forever.

KC Royals

2015 World Series Champs, thanks for the killer year and multiple fantastic nights at the K. #foreverroyal

St. Joseph, MO

My home. 🙂 Thanks for the fab 18 years and hundred of opportunities. I actually do miss you sometimes.

Brownies (Not 100% cooked and still warm)

Do I really need to explain.


Thank you for saving my life, from 2 AM homework nights to 8 and a half hour drives home to Colorado, I literally could not do life without you.

Lake Viking

Ahhhhhh. Home. My love, the memories that have been made here will never, ever be forgotten and I look forward to many many many more.

Last, but first in the whole wide world, Jesus.

My first love, main man, and everything else in between. The one who holds my heart, future, and eternity. You, Lord, have changed my entire being. Thankful is an understatement.

I pray you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving spent with some of the people you love the most. Life is beyond good, we are blessed, and we have so much to be thankful for.

Love always,

Mads ❤


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